Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Current To Do List

  1. Finish roughng in the interior cabinetry in forward compartment.
  2. Build a spreadsheet showing DC powered equipment and lighting plan.
  3. Go out for bids on building the spars.
  4. Buy inverter/charger, battery, SSB and VHF radio and add to other components on the testing bench. ( Move test bench from dining room to the yard) 
  5. Detail clean interior and prep for insulation and paint.
  6. Finish plumbing fuel tank.
  7. Dry fit gammon iron and anchor rollers, deck sampson posts,bow sprit and anchor windlass
  8. Complete the engine install.
  9. Dry fit Lavac head and have Juan tab in the shelf. 
  10. Beef up deck under anchor windlass and sampson posts. 
  11. Install Wallas cooktop, Climma air conditioner, Cool Blue refrigerator compressor, Muir anchor windlass.
  12.  Exchange Galley sink.
  13. Buy some 10mm aerogel insulation to build icebox top and insulate bare hull.
  14. Build new water tanks  2" shorter to fit under the newly lowered sole.    

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