Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Dinghy's name is "Bud"

In an effort to build a bigger little boat we added head room in the main salon by dropping the cabin sole 3 inches.  A small microwave and 2 burner Wallas diesel fired cooktop replaced the Force 10 propane oven and stove opening up valuable real estate at the foot of the mast where the propane lockers used to live. The Technautics refrigeration system, specifically the compressor, is smaller and lighter than the Glacier Bay model formerly mounted in the lazerette. Moving the head off centerline and replacing the sampson posts with a deck mounted bronze equivalent opens up the forward cabin and sail and anchor lockers.  

Stowing a big dinghy on a small boat is a challenge.  Nestaway is an English company specializing in nesting prams and stem dinghys that respond very effectively to that challenge.  The one I bought is 9 foot long with a 4 ft 3 inch beam.  Nested the footprint is 5 x 4.25 feet.  "Bud" just arrived and she is a very cool big little dinghy.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Latest Pics

Hatch Before

Hatch After Teak Guard

Leathered Gaff Saddle

Locker Doors

Sail Locker Port

Sail Locker Starboard