Friday, November 26, 2010

Picture Time

Bowsprit goes from 5" x 5" square to 3 3/4" round.  The cranse iron end still has to be planed back 6 inches.

First coat bottom paint.
 Beta 24 hp
AC and DC panel
Adverc voltage regulator
 Port side under cockpit...water tank vent lines, bilge lines heading aft and pot water lines.

 Port side lockers above settee.
 Looking forward into head compartment.
 Electrical panels.
Head compartment then into sail locker and then into anchor locker.
 Echo water maker in head compartment
 Sail locker with water maker pre-filter bank.
Same as above.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fore Deck

Just aft of  the stem a bronze plate is attached to the bow with 6 ea. 1/2 inch machine screws.  The sampson post / sprit heal will be shimed and faired so the bowsprit will set at the correct angle.

The new Muir windlass will install a foot further forward than the ABI manual footprint.
The gamon iron is not installed.  The anchor roller cheeks are slotted to fit on the plate fixing the angle so both anchors look down but stow without touching the hull.
Rollers and gammon iron.

Bowsprit heal installed on butt end.   Dimensions are 5 inch by 5 inch to just past rollers then 4 7/8 inch diameter tapering to 3 3/4.  The length is 12 ft 10 in overall; 8 ft 10 inches from forestay on gammon iron bail to headstay at cranze iron.