Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Punch List

Rose is temporarily docked at Clear Lake Yacht Center where Juan will paint a boot stripe and coat the bottom with anti-fouling paint. Yesterday we pulled the mast to re-cut the mast step 3/4 inch to starboard.  This should center the 6 inch diameter mast in the 8 inch diameter mast partners and solve the starboard list issue.

Before the mast goes back the Maretron WSO 100 wind speed/direction transducer has to be replaced.  Not sure why it failed but we don't have time to wait for the diagnosis from Maretron,  They are going to expedite delivery of a new one and discuss warranty/credit on the old one later.

The Koden radar antenna is not working either.  Tom the electrician thinks the problem is the control box that interfaces with the pc. Koden is going to look at it and advise.  This project is not in the critical path.  We can step the mast and set the antenna from a bosun's chair after Koden makes repairs.

The slip is pretty shallow at the forward end and I backed the boat in, so at low tide she grounded and pushed the rudder pintles out of the gudgeons.  My to do list included "install nylon keeper washers on top two pintles"  so the rudder would not come off.  I have been putting this project off because I don't know where they go.  I shall query the BCC forum tonight;  maybe someone has a photo.

The starboard boom gallows stanchion was not straight; it was leaning outboard.  The angle of the teak base was too shallow so had to pull it and install a new base and then trim a bit of the teak gallows length. Everything is lined up nice and square now so I can install life lines.....1/2 inch three strand on top and 3/8 on bottom.