Sunday, May 29, 2011

Teak Guard

A water based teak sealer from Australia that is advertised to protect the wood against oxidation. I found some good testimonials scattered around the worldwide web.

The bulwarks were rebuilt with new teak about 15 months ago. The boat has been under cover for most of that time but nevertheless the teak had grayed a bit. We sanded the the bulwarks to a like new honey color with 120 grit sand paper then applied two coats of Teak Guard. Looks great, but will it hold up to summer sun?

Before sanding

Sanded on left and one coat of Teak Guard on right.

 Two coats


It's all about the curves........

It's all bout the curves

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Into the Light of Day

I didn't really get started until December of 08.  Hurricane Ike sank her in early September but she wasn't recovered until the end of the month. I spent two more months wringing my hands over the sell or scrap decision and another month dickering with the insurance underwriters and organizing a move from the salvage/auction yard.

I figured two years to rebuild her. We used to build offshore drilling rigs in 16 months and that was from lay the keel to launch. It seemed a reasonable estimate.  I missed that mark by a country mile and I'm still months from completion, but that's ok.  I'll finish it when I finish it and that will happen right where she sits. I do not want to launch before all systems are in and function tested. In the mean time I keep my head in the game by  dividing the project into segments defined by certain watershed events like:

Fishing her out of the harbor.

Cleaning her out.

New engine installed

New bulkheads tabbed in.

Bowsprit on

And last week pulling her out of the shed into the light of day.

Coming out, boss.

Adam supervising the move

Thursday, May 26, 2011