Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Pics

Port light insert

Main hatch with tempered glass.


Engine room

Instrument panel and chart table

Breaker panel, engine control, battery selector, bilge pumps controls, windlass breaker

Engine controls

Port side settee

Dorade boxes stereo speakers facing aft

Dorade boxes forward end

Main hatch, port side locker doors,starboard side port light insert

Locker cabinet door, muddy New Balance tennis shoes

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Change Orders

Change order no 420 (roughly): 
Scratch the sink in the head; there is no place to put it. As I drew it up, the bottom of the sink would be right on top of the air conditioner. I could move it to the starboard side countertop but that wipes out a bank of 3 drawers. In hindsight I didn’t need it anyway....the galley sink is only 5 feet away. So, we scratch the sink, which means we don't need the sink drain thru-hull. Now we have an extra sink and seacock.

However, the hot and cold water lines have already been pulled to that location and we need a solution to the air conditioner pan drain issue. Running it into the bilge is not a good option. The new plan is to install a hand held shower and build a small sump pan with pump. The A/C pan can drain into the shower sump.  A self-priming waste water pump will send shower gray water and AC water over the side at the transom.