Thursday, February 25, 2010


A renaming ceremony should probably coincide with a christening but I'm going to jump the gun, and besides, I have to call her something other than "the boat" or "the vessel" while she is under construction.  And since she will be "Rose" when finished that shall be her name going forward.. 

So "Sea Star" she was, before Hurricane Ike stole her and "Rose" she is after I stole her back. "Rose" as in rose from the bottom, as in mother-in-law Rose Watson ( picked up a few credits there, but promptly spent them on a kitchen pass allowing me to attend the Maine boat show).  "Rose" as in granddaughter Chloe Rose and Rose as in "HMS Rose", a British Navy Cutter that harrassed a young American navy up and down the New England coast during the Revolutionary War and now rests on the bottom of the Savanah River.

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