Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sea Trials

I had to make changes to the topping lift rigging as well as the running backstays.  Both are working smoother now. 


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another Pic

Tomorrow, weather permitting, Rose will be under sail for the first time in 5 years. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Since last post I stepped the mast and installed the standing rigging. I still have a few bits of rigging to finish before I can bend on sails.  Here are a few recent photos:



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Punch List

Rose is temporarily docked at Clear Lake Yacht Center where Juan will paint a boot stripe and coat the bottom with anti-fouling paint. Yesterday we pulled the mast to re-cut the mast step 3/4 inch to starboard.  This should center the 6 inch diameter mast in the 8 inch diameter mast partners and solve the starboard list issue.

Before the mast goes back the Maretron WSO 100 wind speed/direction transducer has to be replaced.  Not sure why it failed but we don't have time to wait for the diagnosis from Maretron,  They are going to expedite delivery of a new one and discuss warranty/credit on the old one later.

The Koden radar antenna is not working either.  Tom the electrician thinks the problem is the control box that interfaces with the pc. Koden is going to look at it and advise.  This project is not in the critical path.  We can step the mast and set the antenna from a bosun's chair after Koden makes repairs.

The slip is pretty shallow at the forward end and I backed the boat in, so at low tide she grounded and pushed the rudder pintles out of the gudgeons.  My to do list included "install nylon keeper washers on top two pintles"  so the rudder would not come off.  I have been putting this project off because I don't know where they go.  I shall query the BCC forum tonight;  maybe someone has a photo.

The starboard boom gallows stanchion was not straight; it was leaning outboard.  The angle of the teak base was too shallow so had to pull it and install a new base and then trim a bit of the teak gallows length. Everything is lined up nice and square now so I can install life lines.....1/2 inch three strand on top and 3/8 on bottom.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Floating but not Done

Next week we will pull the mast in order to adjust the mast step.  We cut it too far to the port side.  Once properly positioned on centerline the starboard list should disappear.  

The battery box serves as the first step of the companionway ladder.  It will be easier to cut it down a bit than to build a shorter ladder.  The other items on the to do list are relatively minor but that to do list seems to be a living thing; I whittle it down from the bottom and it grows from the top .   

The load out and road trip from Marsh Boatyard to Hillman's Marine on Dickinson Bayou went off without a Hitch, (as in no problems)
Afloat after 4 years, no leaks and no list but that is without the mast 


Dickinson Bayou Launch


Stepped mast at Seabrook and she listed hard starboard.

The socket is cut 3/4 of an inch too far port 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spar Coating

My spars are Sitka Spruce. When I commissioned Bruce to build the spars I decided that the mast should be the same color as the Douglas Fir staving on the hull sides down below.  So he stained the mast, then applied two coats of epoxy ahead of the varnish. The stain was a bad idea....my mistake.

Bruce mis-read the spar plans and built the mast 13 inches short.....his mistake.  A clothes pin scarf lengthened the mast back to plan but the stain and varnish on the bottom of the new lower section did not match the original coating.  "That's OK, give's it character.....memorializes the journey", my wife said.

I installed the radar antenna mounts using 3M 5200 since it would never have to be removed.  Turned out I had installed it too high on the mast foul of the headstay and it did in fact have to be removed.  The mounts took the varnish and a layer of Spruce with them..................my mistake (it was my turn).  Then the steaming light had to be pulled so it could be seen under the radar antenna.  And again the repaired area didn't match....more character.
After sanding back to bare spruce

I  decided the splotchy mast was not going to get it, so we removed all the mast furniture and stripped the spars back to bare spruce. This time we skipped the stain and went with three coats of Awlgrip's "Awlspar" varnish followed by multiple coats of their "Awlbrite Clear", a polyurethane with UV inhibitors.  This system is advertised to be much more durable and longer lasting than the equivalent varnish over epoxy.  We shall see.

First coat of Awlbrite

Monday, October 22, 2012

Still Rigging Up

Posted a few recent photos to Picasa today.  As you can see we now have a dodger, belaying pins and settee cushions. The Radar antenna had to move down the mast to stay away from the jib halyard and headstay. It now lives just below the spreaders and above the home of the gaff saddle when the main is at full hoist. Speaking of gaffs I made a major one using 5200 to bed the radar mount. Now trying to hide the scars with plugs, West System Epoxy and a bit of stain.   

Current plan is to launch at Hillman's Marina on Dickinson Bayou and motor over to Clear Lake Yacht Center to marry the mast, add boot stripe,  bottom paint,  compound and wax the hull.  Sea trials around Thanksgiving and sailing before year end.